Raven Starblood

November 15, 2014

Serpents Lair - Demo MMXIV (2014)

I know I don't post often on this blog and maybe there's no more visitor but anyway, I want to post only new stuff I truly dig and among the hundreds of albums and EPs I listen to, very few succeed to offer me this high quality thrill I search in music. This is the case of this band with this 2 track cassette of black metal. Like I wrote on bandcamp " Because it's like being blasted by a storm of angst. It is incarnated, which is rare in black metal. "Epistemology of Death" is an instant classic." Nothing much to add except I hope this band will keep on with this level of exigence and provide other stunning pieces of sound despair of that strenght. I particular like the voice who gives me the above thrills I was talking about. But musically it is an incredible destructive sound and noise flooding. Don't miss it here.