Raven Starblood

October 13, 2014

Moonknight - Death Card (2014)

More than 6 months I didn't post anything on DDD. Many reasons, the first being I didn't listen to much music relevant to this blog these late months. But I'm back in action (at least tonight) since I found something that could be for my present, what Xasthur and Lifelover, now disbanded, had been in my recent past. This depressive suicide black metal seems, as Xasthur, more a solo project than a collective one, and the name of the guilty changes from Horus to Roach through James Brown III (I would like to know the second). From Los Angeles, this split cassette provides 5 tracks where there's really some gems (my fave is "Atu V", a classic, imagine Dinosaur Jr going black metal, what a shame it ends with a terribly too early fade). There's also something of the early death Gorefest in the great "Atu III". But every track has its strenghts. This EP deserves that I reactive this blog and I pray the devil of black metal that it is followed by many others. We need such music.