Raven Starblood

February 7, 2014

Indian - From All Purity (2014)

I doubt that anyone coming on this blog (and you must not be hordes of net zombies since I rarely post these days) doesn't know Indian is one of the greatest sludge band (not only sludge actually, but simply band) on this sticky and stinky planet. Great in the sense they are the most uncompromising (not unlike Khanate or Thou) you may have the chance (or misfortune if you hate this style of nois... music) to hear.  And exciting too And fascinating too. Sometimes I wonder why so many bands engage theirselves in this genre if it's not for playing it this heavy and extreme. They should let bands like Indian be the masters and sell tons of records (or MP3 although this hellish soundtrack deserves to be heard in maximal quality). Don't have much more to say except that you won't listen to many things more intense and important like this over this year. As wrote a Revolver journalist: "nothing has sounded so genuinely evil and distressing in a long time". Nothing more relevant to say. Here to buy. Below to listen.