Raven Starblood

January 6, 2014

Shroud Eater - Dead Ends (2013)

With this 28 min LP, Shroud Eater probably released with In The Company of Serpents' Of The Flock LP, the best heavy/noise/sludge/psyche/whateveryoucallitwhocare album of the year 2013. For me, it's the only album rivalizing with the Black Skies' On The Wing of Time last year album. A perfect dosage between the various above genres, and a constant surprising way to construct tracks. Consisting of a 2 female 1 male cocktail, this beverage is nothing less than the most drunkening stuff (sorry for my shitty english I'm French) I heard this year (and I tried a lot of what others consider as great albums and in which I only find lots of déja-vu / déjà-entendu). It's music to get high with, and not the kind you listen because you need some aural dope knowing that it's not prime choice. Here it's fantastic quality. I'm glad Seth from Heavy Planet Stoner Rock Blog made it it's 4th best sludge album of the year (it deserved to be first but no problem). The grande final of "The Star and the Serpent" is one of this moment you cherish and wish it never stops. You won't hear good music like this very often. Can challenge any great golden classic. Enjoy it and buy it here.