Raven Starblood

November 9, 2013

In The Company Of Serpents - Of The Flock (2013)

I must find something stunning and devastating to have the strenght to post it here cos' I lost most of my motivation, specially concerning this kind of music, a little bit out of my life for the last years. But this band (actually a 2-man team consisting of Grant Netzorg on guitars and vocals, and Joseph Weller Myer on drums) from Denver, and in particular this new record, is nothing less than a masterpiece, and there's not much lately (at least for an old cunt like me) to deserve such a qualification. Not since the Black Skies' On The Wings Of Time I had so much been shaken and enthusiastic about a new doom/sludge/noise release. There's in it everything I love in this music, everything. It's despair and energy, terribly heavy and incredibly celestial, dirty and pure, grandiose as a symphony and brutal as a tribal ceremony. It's the way I would like to die. With a great Fuck you to the world and complete serenity in hate of what life has been. Even if all tracks are total winners, "Untied/Culling Essence From The Void" is surely one of the strongest doom/sludge tracks ever composed and played. It reminds of the great times of Capricorn or Ocean. A must-have if you can imagine one. Here to buy the digital or vinyl version (or both).