Raven Starblood

September 14, 2013

Vulva - Krüppel EP (2013)

Months I haven't listened to doom or anything affiliated (Dylan and Neil Young make my days, actually I don't listen much to music). Yesterday, I visited the left linked-blogs in search of something that still talk to me in this "genre". After a numerous of trials and errors attempts, I suddenly knew I had found relevant music after the first minute of "Sucker" (the first of this 4-track EP). This German band could be classified in the post-Pelican/Omega Massif wave but they have their style and they make me fly over the load of shit my present life is. Thanks to them, few in this "so-loved style in the past" can still do. Hope they'll go on for a long time. Their bandcamp link here. You can buy a solid version of this EP. Good news. Moreover I love the front cover sleeve. And it's rare.

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