Raven Starblood

September 25, 2013

Jim Strange with The Proud and The Damned - Pox Americana (2013)

I would never have imagined to fall again for gothic rock but Jim Strange gathers the best of it and actually plays (with his very proud and damned good band) a much larger soundscape than this narrow category could let you imagine. As the title says, there's an americana fragrance in it. Of course, amateurs of the early 80's classic English approach of the genre will immediately scream of pleasure (or pain which is more in line with their vision of felicity) with the post-Bowie vocal style that was so typical of the genre and the dark echo sonor atmosphere that all the lovers of morbidity like me can't help to cherish. They're from Portland and carry fiercely the burning torch of a music that has finally never ceased to live since the early sixties in varied incarnations. Not a bad or even weak song on it. The 8 are instant classics and it's hard to listen to something else when you discovered it. Without hesitation the album that will feed this sad Autumn with some consolation. Moreover, they give it for free on their bandcamp here. Don't miss this gem.

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