Raven Starblood

June 23, 2013

Big Hurt - Make 'em cry (2013)

WTF, there was a new album from Big Hurt and I was not informed. Only discovered it in going back on the post I did for their previous (and only I think album). I was not late for the previous (the great Comfort) and they were 6th in my fave songs of 2011 when the album would have been high if I had done a list in 2011 (or maybe I had but can't find it). This new one (released in March) will surely feature in my Top 2013 album list since once again every song is a winner, somewhere between the Melvins (notably the 14 min of the impressive "Sybian") and the Bastards/Janitor Joe (almost everywhere), 2 of my fave bands anytime/anyplace, but Big Hurt (a trio with help in some songs) has his own personality and the music is never a well-done duty by students imitating their masters. It's wild, dangerous and most of the time crazy. But this is full of real songs, not artefactual. And influences are much larger than these two bands (even the early Pink Floyd or the 13th Floor Elevator on songs like "Calling Girl") and many others great bands I'm too memoryless to remember. I can't help to consider there's some common points between Big Hurt (or must I say his leader, the guitar-vocalist Christopher 'Burd' Quines) and Harry Cloud, although the later is less easy listening. One thing's sure. You can't be a dirty noise aficionado without having this gem. Get it here. Listen to it below. Finally bands like this make me happy not to have died earlier when often I wonder if it is reasonable to pass 50.