Raven Starblood

May 9, 2013

Cough / Windhand - Split EP (2013)

When 2 bands you love share a new issue, it's double pleasure but sometimes bands don't offer their best efforts on such releases. Here tracks are gorgeous and provide the heavy doom load inherited from Electric Wizard that most of us couldn't live long without. But now that the Wizard has lost his inner necessity, Windhand and Cough, both from Richmond, are some among those who still feed this seminal style. And on the year Black Sabbath reunites and the Melvins play their seminal nineties LPs, it's a sign that this music travels through time without any trace of damage when so many are stuck in a narrow historical window. Here, Windhand proposes 2 long tracks with a strong psychedelic fragrance when Cough show that they are the masters of dark loudness and know how to make a 18 min suite sounds like a short piece of eternity. Perfect companions for long lonely and depressives evenings. Go here to listen and buy.

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