Raven Starblood

May 24, 2013

Vestiges / Panopticon - Split (2013)

I really dig Vestiges. Their 2011 Descent of a Man (here on my other blog) was a divine surprise, mixing black metal and contemplative sludge doom like few others, and taking place in my "Pantheon" next to Xasthur, Omega Massif and An Autumn For Crippled Children (all in a rather different style, but I gather them because I felt for them in a narrow timespan). This split with a "folk atmospheric black metal" (at least they what's they are labelled on bandcamp) that isn't really my cup of tea (con), is a good news since the long track (split artificially in 2) is gorgeous and confirms how this band knows to develop waves of sound in various layers of atmosphere, never giving up the brutality and roughness of the genres they adopted. Only a slight critics, the price. 7 $ for one 18 min track (the Panopticon one is not in it it seems) in MP3 or in FLAC is rather expensive to my opinion.

May 12, 2013

Coat - Swamp (2013)

You love sludge, rough and raw sludge, not half-mainstream one? Me too. And this band, from Minsk, in Belarus, is what I love in sludge. Sure it's no revolutionary, but after listening to a whole bunch of boring new releases, suddenly you feel you got something to lean on with such a band. Don't be misguided by the drawing on the cover sleeve, it's no psyche-stoner but pure (impure is a more appropriate word) sludge with feet deep down in muddy clay. Proud descendants of EyeHateGod, with a more punk (slow punk don't misunderstand me) approach, sometimes like Drunk With Gun (but who remember this band?). And moreover there's something of true despair in it, and less of the dope and alcohol trip of these great ancients. Hope I can help them to find their audience here (but it's doom and stoner community here that brought them to my attention). Go here to listen and buy.

May 9, 2013

Cough / Windhand - Split EP (2013)

When 2 bands you love share a new issue, it's double pleasure but sometimes bands don't offer their best efforts on such releases. Here tracks are gorgeous and provide the heavy doom load inherited from Electric Wizard that most of us couldn't live long without. But now that the Wizard has lost his inner necessity, Windhand and Cough, both from Richmond, are some among those who still feed this seminal style. And on the year Black Sabbath reunites and the Melvins play their seminal nineties LPs, it's a sign that this music travels through time without any trace of damage when so many are stuck in a narrow historical window. Here, Windhand proposes 2 long tracks with a strong psychedelic fragrance when Cough show that they are the masters of dark loudness and know how to make a 18 min suite sounds like a short piece of eternity. Perfect companions for long lonely and depressives evenings. Go here to listen and buy.