Raven Starblood

April 14, 2013

Ornaments - Pneumologics (2013)

I would not have imagined to be able to love this much an atmospheric doom post-rock album but it's the case, and I fuck do love it. Although based on classic chord successions and traditional way to mimic elevation with sound agencements (imagine Pelican), this Italian band revitalizes it and gived me the impression to rediscover it (like these women who, at an advanced age, gives to love a new taste). Of course, there's maybe a Radiohead flavour in the (rare) vocals approach on "Breath" but it's so good that I didn't mind at all, and on the last track, vocals are furious and almost punkish showing the band never is where you would expect. The perfect music to get out of yourself on lone evenings or on the opposite, for introspection. Never boring (the main problem of this style), this band is in activity for apparently a decade now (shame on me to have missed them so long). Here they provide a milestone for amateurs of this style, that should be breathtaking when it seems so often breathless. Not Ornaments who give it some oxygen with this Pneumologic offer. Go here to listen (but strangely not buy any numeric version), there to buy the CD or vinyl.

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