Raven Starblood

March 30, 2013

Tentacle - Ingot Eye (2013)

Difficult to imagine that this is "only" a side-project, and more extraordinary, from a band who is prolific as few others: Ice Dragon. But it is. Much darker, heavier, extreme and dirty than ID, it's music for hellish evenings and tormented thoughts. No Ozzyesque vocals here. It's guttural and screaming. And no "riff". It's repetitive thema played ad nauseam drowned in screams and noise, much more Skullflower than Black Sabbath. It's for sure one of the best thing released this year so far. Sound can be a little bit muddy and over-distorted but fortunately not on "The Blackness of My Soul Will Be So Great as to Make the Night Weep" which is and will remain a classic for ever. Go fast there and buy it. Let's throw an ear below cefore if you want to try (same link actually).

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