Raven Starblood

March 3, 2013

Harry Cloud - Ocean Song (2013)

The new Harry Cloud is out and this year can't be as shitty as I'm waiting it to be if there's a Cloud LP in the aural sky. Remember that Harry Cloud is the name behind last year's Single Mothers LP called Indian Pussy and now re-released under the Harry Cloud name (I've changed the cover on the post). Quite different this new one is full of gems and provides to the poor creature we are his load of celestian noise in which it's so pleasant to drown like a suffocating baby in its mother's amniotic fluid. The Melvins flavor is much more pregnant that previously (eg. on "Dirty Deed" or "We Are 3") and in general the ambiance is electric and noisy. There's even a Wire reminiscence on "She Rapes". My fave is the moving "Burning Fields" that is repetitive as an endlessly painful self-deprecating thought. Neil Young or J Mascis are not able to compose such songs anymore. Harry Cloud is. But stop reading and go listening (and buy) it.

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