Raven Starblood

February 17, 2013

Oxtongue - Where the light is mute (2013)

At least something in doom/sludge that excites me. Surely I don't listen to enough new stuff but most of what I listen to bores me to death. Not this 3-track offering from Canada, who takes the shit of us (I think it's the correct expression but I'm not sure). It's heavy as agony, and brings back the vibrations of Grief, EyeHateGod or even Khanate (on "Cessation; The Shade Rapes Nativity") in the same package. Haunted as the conscience of a catholic serial killer, it's the perfect soundtrack of the damned era we're living in. No image from the band so only the artwork on this post. Note that the EP is free to download on a mediafire link provided on the bandcamp page below. One of the greatest music in the genre since the beginning of the year.