Raven Starblood

December 5, 2012

Samothrace - Reverend To Stone (2012)

Thanks to Sludgelord administrator (blog with interview of the band here) for all the great bands I discover reading regularly his posts. Being now quite hard to satisfy musically, often finding things repetitive, boring and full of "déjà-vu" clichés, it's a miracle I feel the thrill of excitement growing in my spine. And I can promise this is the case with this band from Seattle called Samothrace. Doing a bad joke I'd said this LP is a complete victory. Consisting in only 2 tracks, it fulfils all expectations being totally melodic, monstruously heavy, abruptely menacing, and in the same time celestian as clouds. What's very singular in this band is this 70's flavor (sometimes Free) in the way the guitarist approaches solos and some of the riffs. Not usual in the sludge doom category, and however it's never sounding stoner. The voice is guttural, giving to the whole a sort of mythological equivalent I would not have expected from a US band (but that's silly after all). This is Hades music at its best, one of the strongest thing I heard this year (my aim being to post now only stuff I think is over the top). If you love Capricorn or Buried At Sea, it's for you, even Khanate that would have introduced some music of the 70's in their experimental sonor beverage. And the melodical guitar lines are reminiscents of the great old Penance ones. So, go quick on the bandcamp midget below listening to this masterpiece and then there on the bandcamp to buy the stuff, they need it, they deserve it, and you won't regret it.