Raven Starblood

November 29, 2012

Sonance - Like Ghosts (2012)

In these hard personal times, this band is relevant to my state of mind. From Bristol, UK, they cross several styles in this 2-track LP that are not often mixed ones with another. My preference is for the fantastic "Side A" (that's the title) track, "Side B" being ambiant drone and I'm no more able to let me overwhelmed by this kind of music now. However, at the 14th minute, the drone dissolves and a guitar enters and takes us elsewhere, in a more Khanate-inclined universe, with wonderful violins. Too sad they wait so much to get into it, it would have been a complete masterpiece, what are these 5 last minutes. "Side A" is a total success (what a shit expression, it's clear I'm not English fluent speaking when I see I use such bullshit way to write). In only the 1st minute they explore 3 musical universes and in each one they are stunning. Their atmospheric post-rock sludge is of an incredible quality.When you know the amount of bands swimming in this genre, it's a miracle that it's still possible to bring something that doesn't seem pale compared to the bests (few) in the genre.  If Khanate seems one of their prime influence, it's not as much experimental as was this great novators. You won't hear something stronger and more disturbing this year. Go there and download this monstruous musical exploratory grounds. And buy it please as I did myself. All these bands need support (that's why I decided not to provide any free dl anymore, of course this blog is not successful as it would be with free stuff but I don't care).

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