Raven Starblood

November 5, 2012

Rabbits - Bites Rites (2012)

This will be without any hesitation in my Top 5 list of the best albums of the year (with Grass is Green, Black Skies and... Emily Wells). The previous one (Lower Forms, here) was a killer, this one is a slaughterhouse. Wild and unpredictable, this loud sludgy noise is what I like when music becomes violent. Compared to it sorry but most of the reste sounds vain and poseur to my ears. From Portland, this band is moreover the kind that is aware that their music will always be for happy few and assure their living with normal (and maybe boring but not sure) jobs to create freely. This doesn't make of them amateurs, they can perform their style without any limitation or compromissions. There are some so stunning gems in this LP that it would be too long to cite them all but listen to a shit like "Fight Right" and try to tell me music was better before. It's what garage rock and punk did best (think the Cramps) mixed with what 90's noise did best (think the Bastards), but it's 2012 and it's time to take the best from the past and makes the best from it for today. Go there and buy the vinyl or the MP3 (when the CD bastards?).


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