Raven Starblood

October 30, 2012

Sundowning - Seizures of the World (2012)

If you loved bands such as Ocean or Buried at Sea, this one is for you. They are from Germany and with Omega Massif, they stand proudly at the top of the genre (although maybe I ignore some other great bands, so excuse me for this pretentious statement). This music grabs you by the balls (or ovaries if you are female) and take you somewhere between heaven and hell, not sure what is it but what's sure is that it's better than this boring everyday life we have to live until death saves us. They has a vibrant chronicle here on Sludgelord and they deserve it. Hope they'll have the money to release a CD since it seems only vinyls are on sale (I know vinyl is better but sorry, I listen most of my music in my car or on my computer so I need CD). Meanwhile, support them, in listening to their stuff and in buying it any format you want (here or there).

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