Raven Starblood

October 13, 2012

SNARF - arrak bisa ular (2012)

This band from Switzerland reminds us that this country is the nation that offered us Jean-Luc Godard, Fritz Zorn and Henri Roorda. Not that this music could be considered sometimes as a musical equivalent of these important analyzers of inner and outer self. But it shows that Swiss art is often a rude and raw. Musically, SNARF (I write in capitals since it seems the band wants it that way) could be described as hypnotic cosmic Melvinian rock (mostly instrumental although there are some incantative vocals). Many influences could be found but honestly it became impossible these days to describe this music in terms of influences as it was in traditional rock. Bands adopt a style and try to make it their own, or at least to propose an interesting approach of it. Nothing here trying to be novative but apparently the wish is to take us for a non-stop 30 min travel through different time and space dimensions. And it makes it. A real dark and windy flight over some unknown horizons. Perfect for loners like me that want to forget a little bit their mediocre environment. You can order a CDr or dl it here.

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