Raven Starblood

October 3, 2012

Outwailed - Black Earth (2012)

This blog has no intention to keep in touch with the constant overflow of new releases and to be exhaustive (I'm too much exhausted for that), only try to help to the diffusion of bands (music actually) I find totally seminal in the doom/sludge genre (without ignoring it if it's punk, stoner, post-rock, black metal or any not-named style). Being more severe that I used to be, or are the times much less generous, I don't find many new things that pass the threshold I require to post it here. But today (tonight for me) it's totally justified. This new band is from Finland (honestly this country knows how to doom) and it's massively good. There's in it all I love in post-rock and not what I loathe. No self-indulgent so-called poetic contemplative atmospheres, that used to work but are now only a bore. They never lose the notion that this music is mainly a depiction of the darkness of our times, and more largely of human condition. It's music for Friedrich's painting not for Jonathan Livingston Seagull (but looking at the cover sleeve maybe I'm wrong who knows). This 3 track-LP is available freely on bandcamp (here) but fuck why don't they propose to give some money so that they can make a physical version of this physical music?

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  1. Thanks for the review, it's highly appreciated! We've added a possibility to make a pay-what-you-want deal in Bandcamp. All profits will be used for making a physical release.

    Keep up the good work!