Raven Starblood

October 30, 2012

Sundowning - Seizures of the World (2012)

If you loved bands such as Ocean or Buried at Sea, this one is for you. They are from Germany and with Omega Massif, they stand proudly at the top of the genre (although maybe I ignore some other great bands, so excuse me for this pretentious statement). This music grabs you by the balls (or ovaries if you are female) and take you somewhere between heaven and hell, not sure what is it but what's sure is that it's better than this boring everyday life we have to live until death saves us. They has a vibrant chronicle here on Sludgelord and they deserve it. Hope they'll have the money to release a CD since it seems only vinyls are on sale (I know vinyl is better but sorry, I listen most of my music in my car or on my computer so I need CD). Meanwhile, support them, in listening to their stuff and in buying it any format you want (here or there).

October 28, 2012

Bezoar - Wyt Deth (2012)

I don't post often here. Too much blogs, not enough time... and energy. But whenever I discover a great album relevant to any of the styles this blog's about, I jump here to share my enthusiasm. But it's true I become very difficult to satisfy. I'm old now and it's not with "warmed-up" riffs (that means "nothing new" in French) or previously-better-done doom or sludge I can feel the nice thrill of excitation. But this band from Brooklyn (with a funny name of pathology due to digestive occlusion caused by ingested hair) fulfils my criteria of thrill and excitation. Constantly unpredictable, this band (led by a female voice) is able to mix genres apparently unable to sit in the same chair. According to their biography sketch, they have actually very diverse influences (Sleep, YOB, 1349, Diamanda Galas, Swans, Mayhem, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Slayer, and Darkthrone). A good point to start but not always a success when the target is reached. Here it is. Of course, the Sabbath influence is major (not cited above but obvious), but they are so inventive and cross-over that it's not even possible to classify them in the doom category. Sometimes they are completely acoustic ("Burn Everything", "Nikola") and they show then how they could compete with everyone on any ground, even doom americana. Other times, they can be prog as were Jethro Tull on Aqualung ("Friend of my Enemy") and it's impressive. But there are many other 70's styles that could be cited. Not a song is similar to the other one. I don't remember a band doing such a thing in recent years. And it's wonderful that the cover sleeve is consistent with this impossible taxinomy (between Todd Rundgren, Zappa and Carcass). Don't miss this gem, one of the best thing you'll hear this year, one of the most creative and powerful. Their bandcamp site to buy this masterpiece here. Their facebook page there.

October 13, 2012

SNARF - arrak bisa ular (2012)

This band from Switzerland reminds us that this country is the nation that offered us Jean-Luc Godard, Fritz Zorn and Henri Roorda. Not that this music could be considered sometimes as a musical equivalent of these important analyzers of inner and outer self. But it shows that Swiss art is often a rude and raw. Musically, SNARF (I write in capitals since it seems the band wants it that way) could be described as hypnotic cosmic Melvinian rock (mostly instrumental although there are some incantative vocals). Many influences could be found but honestly it became impossible these days to describe this music in terms of influences as it was in traditional rock. Bands adopt a style and try to make it their own, or at least to propose an interesting approach of it. Nothing here trying to be novative but apparently the wish is to take us for a non-stop 30 min travel through different time and space dimensions. And it makes it. A real dark and windy flight over some unknown horizons. Perfect for loners like me that want to forget a little bit their mediocre environment. You can order a CDr or dl it here.

October 3, 2012

Outwailed - Black Earth (2012)

This blog has no intention to keep in touch with the constant overflow of new releases and to be exhaustive (I'm too much exhausted for that), only try to help to the diffusion of bands (music actually) I find totally seminal in the doom/sludge genre (without ignoring it if it's punk, stoner, post-rock, black metal or any not-named style). Being more severe that I used to be, or are the times much less generous, I don't find many new things that pass the threshold I require to post it here. But today (tonight for me) it's totally justified. This new band is from Finland (honestly this country knows how to doom) and it's massively good. There's in it all I love in post-rock and not what I loathe. No self-indulgent so-called poetic contemplative atmospheres, that used to work but are now only a bore. They never lose the notion that this music is mainly a depiction of the darkness of our times, and more largely of human condition. It's music for Friedrich's painting not for Jonathan Livingston Seagull (but looking at the cover sleeve maybe I'm wrong who knows). This 3 track-LP is available freely on bandcamp (here) but fuck why don't they propose to give some money so that they can make a physical version of this physical music?