Raven Starblood

September 7, 2012

Ice Dragon - GreyBlackFalconHawk (2012)

I really don't know how this band is able to release his 3rd album in 9 months. And I'm not talking about drone such as Nadja, with one note spread over 20 min (I used to love Nadja, but it's true that a Nadja LP has not totally the same meaning than a usual LP), I mean real tracks, even songs since this band refers primary to Black Sabbath. But no mimetics here. First the sound is sometimes not far from the lo-fi quality of Cherry Red records in the 80's and may sound to some more indie rock than heavy metal. Then, because in each record, the band takes the Sabbath heritage on different grounds. In the previous LP, Dream Dragon, (I was thinking to post it when this one appeared) it was progressive (in the fierce sens of the term, not the degenerate one that some call prog), in this one, it's much more psychedelic and experimental (sometimes in the Melvins/Harvey Milk way). It may sound as not finished to those who are in riffs that make your ears bleed, but I don't think much of them come visit this blog (if there's any visiting). So, on GreyBlackFalconHawk Ice Dragon takes us in new territories and in this period of boring recycling, it's fresh air to ear such music played. So go quick on their bandcamp here and get the MP3 for price of your choice.

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