Raven Starblood

September 13, 2012

Can't Fake Nature - High / Low Tide (2012)

Among the musics I stopped listened to these late years, there's stoner and post-rock. The latter has given birth to too much boring Isis/Cult of Luna/Pelican followers and after all I'm not really sure I liked so much the referents. Another band, from Croatia, called Can't Fake Nature, reconciled me with the genre last year, and I did a post on Forgotten Songs here (when there was doom or sludge on it).  I feared that I wouldn't be receptive to their new album but actually I am. Nothing revolutionary for those who know well the genre, but an album I know I'll listen to again and again, and it's not really an habit for me for this type of music. I quite hate the cover sleeve, too much Battles' style and suggesting you have here one of this math-indie-so-called-experimental-rock bands but after all it's their choice. Next time ask me, I'll do some better suggestions. Meanwhile go there and get it for the price you want (don't be too stingy).

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