Raven Starblood

September 25, 2012

Dopelord - Magick Rites (2012)

How could I left this band unnoticed? I am quite sure having seen their LP before summer, listened to it and not finding it good enough to be posted here. And tonight I find it completely stunning and it's like some sucking vampyr witch would raise from the dark side of my room to draw my blood, sperm and lymph out of my body (take it miss, I don't need anymore). Once more, it's totally under the paternal figure of Black Sabbath as reincarnated by Electric Wizard in the nineties, but I can't help considering that THIS IS MY MUSIC AFTER ALL. The one that made me felt thrills growing from my scrotum to my skull for the first time in my life (before that it was the kicks of my old man that made me thrilled and the Sabbath was the only music relevant music to what I live, more specifically Master of Universe and "Children of the Grave"). But you don't care and you're right. These polish show that the Sabbath spread their lethal virus all over the world for eternity and never the world was more made for this music than the one we survive in today. So, go to their bandcamp here, and then go the cartel there to buy the solid stuff.

September 19, 2012

Black Skies - On The Wings Of Time (2011)

When the year will be over, not sure of many things about me and my life, but what I'm sure is that this album will be in my year Top 10. Yes I know it was released in November 2011 but I discovered it at the beginning of this year and consider it a 2012 LP (even though it was recorded still one year before, in November 2010). I won't write again a new text about this band since I posted one on Forgotten Songs last February, but this album had to be on Dim Damn Doom cos' it's a sort of masterpiece and for me main other bands with "riffs" are jokes compared to it. So below what I wrote about it.

When I heard for the first time the Black Skies, I would have sworn that it was the come-back band of my hero: Joaquim Breuer from the Bastards and Janitor Joe. But no. They don't even cite them as influences but honestly it would be surprising that they are not fans. I am quite embarassed cos' I've said at least 3 times since the beginning of the year that I had found one album that will be in my top 10 of the year. Embarassed cos' if I think that one will actually still be in at the end of the year, this will be this one. In the last 20 years, I've never heard music fitting more perfectly what I'm waiting of rock. Cos' here it's rock, but as I said before, not this nostalgic shit they want to make us adopt for contempory genius, boring repetitive gimmicks of the seventies. No, based on the best of what rock offered in the nineties (Bastards and Janitor Joe but also Unsane or Liquor Tricks, see the correspondant posts on the right column) with some of the best that Stoner brought (a little psychedelic touch in the guitar solos), there is not a single weak second in this killer record. It's simply a masterpiece from beginning to end. At least for my own tastes. The second voice assured by the bassgirl (Michelle Temple) gives this little bit of female soul that avoid any testosterone overdose. I could write about this album during hours. They are from Chapel Hill (North Carolina), and I hope they'll jump over the Atlantic to play here in old Europe before we'll sink in our bankrupt. Meanwhile, go immediately buy it on their bandcamp here (I did it of course). It's not an advice, it's an order.

September 13, 2012

Can't Fake Nature - High / Low Tide (2012)

Among the musics I stopped listened to these late years, there's stoner and post-rock. The latter has given birth to too much boring Isis/Cult of Luna/Pelican followers and after all I'm not really sure I liked so much the referents. Another band, from Croatia, called Can't Fake Nature, reconciled me with the genre last year, and I did a post on Forgotten Songs here (when there was doom or sludge on it).  I feared that I wouldn't be receptive to their new album but actually I am. Nothing revolutionary for those who know well the genre, but an album I know I'll listen to again and again, and it's not really an habit for me for this type of music. I quite hate the cover sleeve, too much Battles' style and suggesting you have here one of this math-indie-so-called-experimental-rock bands but after all it's their choice. Next time ask me, I'll do some better suggestions. Meanwhile go there and get it for the price you want (don't be too stingy).

September 7, 2012

Ice Dragon - GreyBlackFalconHawk (2012)

I really don't know how this band is able to release his 3rd album in 9 months. And I'm not talking about drone such as Nadja, with one note spread over 20 min (I used to love Nadja, but it's true that a Nadja LP has not totally the same meaning than a usual LP), I mean real tracks, even songs since this band refers primary to Black Sabbath. But no mimetics here. First the sound is sometimes not far from the lo-fi quality of Cherry Red records in the 80's and may sound to some more indie rock than heavy metal. Then, because in each record, the band takes the Sabbath heritage on different grounds. In the previous LP, Dream Dragon, (I was thinking to post it when this one appeared) it was progressive (in the fierce sens of the term, not the degenerate one that some call prog), in this one, it's much more psychedelic and experimental (sometimes in the Melvins/Harvey Milk way). It may sound as not finished to those who are in riffs that make your ears bleed, but I don't think much of them come visit this blog (if there's any visiting). So, on GreyBlackFalconHawk Ice Dragon takes us in new territories and in this period of boring recycling, it's fresh air to ear such music played. So go quick on their bandcamp here and get the MP3 for price of your choice.

September 5, 2012

Bongmoth - 1.618 (2007)

This album was released in 2007 but I discovered it only in 2011 and posted it on Forgotten Songs (here). But his author (Jarrod Kirby, from Australia) wrote me recently and gave me the link to Soundcloud (there and below), the complete album featuring more tracks than the one I had posted. This music is more stoner than doom but surely one of the strongest stoner LP ever recorded. Maybe because the man who did it was not a unidimensional riff lover and, the future has shown, the has a wide musical culture (he now plays totally different music, not completely my cuppa tea but excellent anyway). If only to hear the harmonica on "Illumination", one of the best stoner track in history, you must listen to this album. Great great great, even 5 years later.