Raven Starblood

August 31, 2012

Windhand - s/t (2012)

I had posted on Forgotten Songs (here) their first demo 2 years ago. I had loved it from every parcel of my old carcass. So what a joy (not really a doom word but no matter) to have their LP in (wind)hands (at least in ears cos' I don't have any solid version of this record, and everything seems sold out now judging by their facebook page). They are from Richmond, VA, USA, they play what we could call an old school doom, actually pure Sabbath-influenced one but not a one that could have been played before Electric Wizard, the band they are the nearest. The singer is a female but it's not really easy to know it. No specific-female-vocal-effects here, just a more femine Ozzy voice. But don't be afraid, it can be heavy as shit (the final of "Winter Sun", the track from their above-cited demo). Riffs are never self-indulgent or boring, and tracks never too long, in other words, this is THE doom LP that you need and surely one of the best we'll have this year. Next to Uncle Acid, The Wounded Kings or Blood Ceremony this is a band that'll count. Their FB page here and bandcamp there.

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