Raven Starblood

August 22, 2012

Uzala - Cataract / Death Masque

dk's back and sure he's gotta be doom in the next future given the load of shit his (actually my) life became these times. Let's begin with a band I (and you I hope) really dig. They are from Portland but after all who cares since their music seems to rise from hell, but with such a wonderful female voice (yes, she sounds not unlike Grace Slick, but it's a quality, it was a fantastic singer wasn't her?), I don't fear hell anymore. Let's hope this is the kind of voice I'll hear at the onset of death and not the awful one of an old and ugly nurse from a palliative hospital unit. If "Cataract" was on the downloadable MP3, it was not on the vinyl and it's now a way to have a solid version of it (and it would be nice to have a CD but I suppose there are some money problems behind it). The B-side is an unissued one and it deserved to be known. This band can be considered a little bit too old school doom and with a sometimes excessively muddy sound but they succeed in providing great music and all this becomes the clay from which they build their idiosyncrasy. Hope they'll go on long to put some bright darkness in our life. Go there to buy it.

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