Raven Starblood

August 31, 2012

Windhand - s/t (2012)

I had posted on Forgotten Songs (here) their first demo 2 years ago. I had loved it from every parcel of my old carcass. So what a joy (not really a doom word but no matter) to have their LP in (wind)hands (at least in ears cos' I don't have any solid version of this record, and everything seems sold out now judging by their facebook page). They are from Richmond, VA, USA, they play what we could call an old school doom, actually pure Sabbath-influenced one but not a one that could have been played before Electric Wizard, the band they are the nearest. The singer is a female but it's not really easy to know it. No specific-female-vocal-effects here, just a more femine Ozzy voice. But don't be afraid, it can be heavy as shit (the final of "Winter Sun", the track from their above-cited demo). Riffs are never self-indulgent or boring, and tracks never too long, in other words, this is THE doom LP that you need and surely one of the best we'll have this year. Next to Uncle Acid, The Wounded Kings or Blood Ceremony this is a band that'll count. Their FB page here and bandcamp there.

August 26, 2012

Mudbath - Red Desert Orgy (2012)

With Huata (here), we (I mean France) have one of the greatest doom band of the planet, with Mudbath, we have one of the greatest sludge band. From Avignon (the city where all the so-called theatre artists go in summer to bore to death the city of popes), they seem to come in straight line from Louisiana, a much happier place for sludge lovers. What can I say except that there's in this music heavy and dirty as a piece of lead rolled in shit, everything I like since it's onset in 1989 (and I'm old enough to have seen its birth). It's brutal and extreme but, and this is what I appreciate, slow and thick enough to bath in it and feel it better. In other words, this music is a kind of aural fangotherapy. They were apparently at the Yellfest and will be touring in November so don't miss them. If they are half as good on stage than on this LP, it will be sure a nice moment of mind distraction and ear destruction. And a band who calls a "song" "Smell Like Teen Cunt" can't be bad. Go and buy it (give your price) here.

August 25, 2012

Dyskinesia - Dalla Nascita (2011)

Yesterday I found in my mailbox the CD version of this wonderful album. I had contributed to its making in sending some money for its realization. And, with all the donators, my name is written in the (superb) inner sleeve (not dk, but my real name). And I am really proud of it. Really. I remind that this LP was in my Top 10 of 2011 (here) at number 9. Not an easy challenge when, like me, you have listened to hundreds of albums in the year. But they deserve it. Everything is great in this band. They mix the best of Skullflower with Sonic Youth and  many more but never sounding imitation at all. It's the kind of music you'd imagine for movies such as Carpenter's The Thing. I hope they'll do more of great stuff like this. And don't trust all the dumbs with shitty tastes that gave mediocre critics to this LP. They simply don't know what great music is. Go here or there to donate, download freely or listen.

August 22, 2012

Uzala - Cataract / Death Masque

dk's back and sure he's gotta be doom in the next future given the load of shit his (actually my) life became these times. Let's begin with a band I (and you I hope) really dig. They are from Portland but after all who cares since their music seems to rise from hell, but with such a wonderful female voice (yes, she sounds not unlike Grace Slick, but it's a quality, it was a fantastic singer wasn't her?), I don't fear hell anymore. Let's hope this is the kind of voice I'll hear at the onset of death and not the awful one of an old and ugly nurse from a palliative hospital unit. If "Cataract" was on the downloadable MP3, it was not on the vinyl and it's now a way to have a solid version of it (and it would be nice to have a CD but I suppose there are some money problems behind it). The B-side is an unissued one and it deserved to be known. This band can be considered a little bit too old school doom and with a sometimes excessively muddy sound but they succeed in providing great music and all this becomes the clay from which they build their idiosyncrasy. Hope they'll go on long to put some bright darkness in our life. Go there to buy it.