Raven Starblood

July 31, 2012

Sore - Carbon Black Storm

Another great Australian band, surely one of the place in universe where doom and sludge are the most inventive. Only a duo, based on successive riffs, Sore succeeds, a tour-de-force, to never be boring. And I can swear that I get bored quite easily these times, never giving much time to bands for judging if I spend more minutes on their stuff. I was more patient in the recent past, but I'm no more. But Sore grabbed me by the balls and didn't let me go till the end of their hell of soundfire. There's in this music something of the old Godflesh, a sense of industrial strenght that is not so common. And, as Khanate, they aren't afraid to reach the limit of our ability to support the distorted noise and scream they spread on our poor heads. In brief, you know this is a great LP to get, so go fast on reverbnation here where it's waiting for you, dear masochistic friends.

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