Raven Starblood

July 29, 2012

Battle Path - Empiric (2012)

Their previous LP of this US band was first released under the name of Black Majesty then of Battle Path. I considered this first LP as one of the best in the doom/sludge style (see here). This new one is excellent too although not to the same level than the previous one (at least for me), much more black metal-oriented (except on the 11 min of "The Waiting"). However, it's heavy and destructive as repression in Syria (I take my metaphors where I can). It's more importantly, incredibly better than most of the current production in doom and sludge that I begin to find worryingly weak after years of permanent flow of high quality and inventivity (is this the end of the movement?). Time will tell. Meanwhile, support the bands that respect their mission such as this one here. And the cover sleeve is really a must.


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