Raven Starblood

July 31, 2012

Sore - Carbon Black Storm

Another great Australian band, surely one of the place in universe where doom and sludge are the most inventive. Only a duo, based on successive riffs, Sore succeeds, a tour-de-force, to never be boring. And I can swear that I get bored quite easily these times, never giving much time to bands for judging if I spend more minutes on their stuff. I was more patient in the recent past, but I'm no more. But Sore grabbed me by the balls and didn't let me go till the end of their hell of soundfire. There's in this music something of the old Godflesh, a sense of industrial strenght that is not so common. And, as Khanate, they aren't afraid to reach the limit of our ability to support the distorted noise and scream they spread on our poor heads. In brief, you know this is a great LP to get, so go fast on reverbnation here where it's waiting for you, dear masochistic friends.

July 29, 2012

Battle Path - Empiric (2012)

Their previous LP of this US band was first released under the name of Black Majesty then of Battle Path. I considered this first LP as one of the best in the doom/sludge style (see here). This new one is excellent too although not to the same level than the previous one (at least for me), much more black metal-oriented (except on the 11 min of "The Waiting"). However, it's heavy and destructive as repression in Syria (I take my metaphors where I can). It's more importantly, incredibly better than most of the current production in doom and sludge that I begin to find worryingly weak after years of permanent flow of high quality and inventivity (is this the end of the movement?). Time will tell. Meanwhile, support the bands that respect their mission such as this one here. And the cover sleeve is really a must.


July 25, 2012

Harry Cloud - Indian Pussy (2012)

What is the fuck? How is it possible I missed this one-man band for so long and only discover it with his 3rd LP, 7 years after the first one? You may think that it's not totally consistent with the general doom/sludge atmosphere of the blog but I don't mind. This guy, Harry Cloud, seems much honestly devilishly sick than most of narrow-minded sparsely-neuronal-equipped members of most so-called demonic bands. I find in this music what made Godstopper (here) or The Reverend of Despair (there) so precious discoveries. They are unpredictable, do not follow any pre-established formula, and finally are the only ones to invent the music of the future in being the only ones to invent the music of today. Like life, they offer the rainbow of emotions, from feeling like shit and wanting to destroy ourselves to being joyous as a stupid dog finding the most gigantic bone ever. If I wanted to namedrop some putative influences (or seem-alike) I could name a lot but it's no use since melted together it's Single Mothers and that's all. The fact that this man has a sort of fixation on being mother and provide an iconography of "how destroy a baby" is not without interest for my other blog Scoptophilia. In brief, don't know where to classify this LP but all I know it's that it will be on the top of the lot at the end of the year and that it makes my day. Go on his bandcamp here and buy the stuff.

July 18, 2012

Adrift For Days - Come Midnight... (2012)

This new album by the Australians Adrift For Days is in list to become one of the strongest album released this year. Imagine a mix between Khanate, Acid Bath and Neurosis, all gone psychedelic and you have a small idea of what this fantastic band has to offer. It's doom, it's sludge, it's psyche, it's atmospheric, it's even tribal. Much better than the first one (that was not bad either), I can't say anything else than "go here to listen to this genius stuff asap". And then buy it like I'll do.


July 1, 2012

Huata - Atavist of Mann

Without being chauvinist, the best doom album of the year so far is for me from Huata. Chauvinist because they are French and so am I. Their previous one was a sort of masterpiece in its style (much rawer than this one), but if, like me, you don't find in Electric Wizard the thrill and authenticity you used to love in them, you'll find it in this LP. Not that Huata are plagiarising Electric Wizard but there are a lot of common points except Huata is much more 70's (the organ in particular) in it's approach and finally richer in textures and themas. A perfect way to begin this revived blog.