Raven Starblood

November 15, 2014

Serpents Lair - Demo MMXIV (2014)

I know I don't post often on this blog and maybe there's no more visitor but anyway, I want to post only new stuff I truly dig and among the hundreds of albums and EPs I listen to, very few succeed to offer me this high quality thrill I search in music. This is the case of this band with this 2 track cassette of black metal. Like I wrote on bandcamp " Because it's like being blasted by a storm of angst. It is incarnated, which is rare in black metal. "Epistemology of Death" is an instant classic." Nothing much to add except I hope this band will keep on with this level of exigence and provide other stunning pieces of sound despair of that strenght. I particular like the voice who gives me the above thrills I was talking about. But musically it is an incredible destructive sound and noise flooding. Don't miss it here.

October 13, 2014

Moonknight - Death Card (2014)

More than 6 months I didn't post anything on DDD. Many reasons, the first being I didn't listen to much music relevant to this blog these late months. But I'm back in action (at least tonight) since I found something that could be for my present, what Xasthur and Lifelover, now disbanded, had been in my recent past. This depressive suicide black metal seems, as Xasthur, more a solo project than a collective one, and the name of the guilty changes from Horus to Roach through James Brown III (I would like to know the second). From Los Angeles, this split cassette provides 5 tracks where there's really some gems (my fave is "Atu V", a classic, imagine Dinosaur Jr going black metal, what a shame it ends with a terribly too early fade). There's also something of the early death Gorefest in the great "Atu III". But every track has its strenghts. This EP deserves that I reactive this blog and I pray the devil of black metal that it is followed by many others. We need such music.

March 12, 2014

Sea Bastard - Scabrous (2013)

If this LP was not on this blog, it would be the indication that this blog is dead (whereas it survives time to time) cos' this is exactly the music it was intended to promote. Pure sludge doom mixing Black Sabbath riffs with what the 90's brought as muddy texture of music and extreme vocals. But when thousands of bands adopted this style during the last 25 years, not so much did succeed in providing an accurate sonor equivalent of the hellish terror it was supposed to create. Sea Bastard (from Brighton, the grand sons of the mods must represent the devil on the peer for their grand parents) are one of them and their 3rd offering is a real killer. Don't know why it took so long to find they had released a new one. I'll try to be more attentive in the future. However, here is this hate load ready to be consumed and feed your angst.

February 7, 2014

Indian - From All Purity (2014)

I doubt that anyone coming on this blog (and you must not be hordes of net zombies since I rarely post these days) doesn't know Indian is one of the greatest sludge band (not only sludge actually, but simply band) on this sticky and stinky planet. Great in the sense they are the most uncompromising (not unlike Khanate or Thou) you may have the chance (or misfortune if you hate this style of nois... music) to hear.  And exciting too And fascinating too. Sometimes I wonder why so many bands engage theirselves in this genre if it's not for playing it this heavy and extreme. They should let bands like Indian be the masters and sell tons of records (or MP3 although this hellish soundtrack deserves to be heard in maximal quality). Don't have much more to say except that you won't listen to many things more intense and important like this over this year. As wrote a Revolver journalist: "nothing has sounded so genuinely evil and distressing in a long time". Nothing more relevant to say. Here to buy. Below to listen.